Short description of the courses I teach

I am a teacher in the GEII department of the IUT of Nantes.

I teach in the GEII department and in the SEICOM professional license

  • Algorithmics
  • C language
  • Data base (SQL)
  • Industrial computing
  • Networks (Ethernet, TCP/IP)
  • Digital electronics
  • Object-oriented programming (Java)
  • Projects (Design office)

I also participate in the modules

  • Signal and language of the master 2 ATAL
  • Machine Learning for Computer Vision international master VICO
  • MS 12 (Artificial Intelligence: images, learning and pattern recognition) for the MaSTIC Doctoral School.

The courses I have participated in the past (at the IUT of Nantes in GEII or before) :

  • Modeling and design of software 
  • Object-oriented programming (Java)
  • Introduction to algorithmic (Java, C)
  • Constraint programming (Prolog)